Social & Literacy

Mission Service Foundation, Social Welfare, by removing despair, discrimination and social evils in the society, for the purpose of increasing solidarity, service delivery and social development, various welfare issues of society like women, issues of child development, training, and research. Poverty alleviation, child welfare, child development and welfare, handicap welfare, social security, policy through innovative solutions etc. And programs, development of Indian art and culture, adult education, universal education Issues related to debates, legal meetings, cultural and social security issues – traffic rules and road safety rules, issues of youth development, marriage program management and help, skill development, backward classes and sub-sectional people, social and economic support, Shishu, orphanage, artistic activities, promotion of items of indigenous origin, fashion, textiles, and arts profession, promotion of fostering development, painting La, Fine Arts, Crafts, Yoga, Choreography, Music, Painting, Wood and Soil